Our story


Storflex is a family-run business manufacturing wooden blinds, based in Belgium, with over 45 years of experience.

With its endless creative vision Storflex changed the market multiple times but always stayed in the background.

Now, after 7 years of research, Storflex is back with another new finishing which will cause a revolution in the Venetian wooden blinds industry, from the supply chain all the way to the end result.

We offer an Uniik collection, a look-a-like to any material you can dream of: oak, leather, fabric, noble wood, concrete, marble and much more on your wooden slats.

Not only does Storflex put customer service as a priority, but it also will think out of the box with you, to help you look for that one solution that seems to be technically improbable.

  • Expert in wooden blinds
    Over 45 years of experience
  • High-end Collections
    Packaging with high damage resistance
  • Extraordinary after sales service: repairs done in our own workshop or on the spot
  • Workshops for your technical employees and installers
  • Packaging with high damage resistance



We believe that every person is unique, which is why we take each time a personalized approach to our services for our clients. We pay attention to the needs, listen to the goals and concerns. develop customized solutions tailored to their specific demand.


We believe that wood is not just the guarantee of a warm and beautiful interior or workspace. It also improves quality of life. With this philosophy in mind, we look for global solutions that make it easy to integrate this noble and renewable raw material into our everyday lives.


We believe that our clients deserve honesty, and we are committed to providing transparent and clear communication throughout the entire process. Our core values are integrity, transparency, and responsability.


We believe that each of your projects is unique. That is why we assign you a dedicated contact who knows all the aspects of your projects guaranteeing you excellence in our support. We understand the importance of responsiveness and deadlines.