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What is UNIIK ?

We offer you the solution that goes beyond your imagination like the possibility to finally being able to match your wooden blinds to your made-to-measure furniture or parquet flooring, but also to your design wallpaper or marble kitchen.

A limitless array of finishings for your horizontal blinds brings not only a full range of exotic woods but also opens a new world of textures, materials and designs.
Our printed solutions on your wooden blinds bring you endless creative opportunities.

Not only do we offer you an endless supply of options, but a finishing of high quality with superb UV protection.

The technique we use allows us to offer you a plain or textured print of any design you can imagine.

PERFECT MATCH for distributors

The art of printing allows us to offer you a colourfast product. What you order is what you get.
We only use the best inks on the market with the highest UV  and scratch protection. 

On demand images can be printed as well as scans made of the surfaces of your high-end furniture or floor in order to assure a perfect match.

The UNIIK collection will give you a wooden blind that will look perfectly like an oak blind or even marble.


Our UNIIK collection has a big impact on the overall wood of import. Standard 50% of all wooden slats imported in Europe will be destroyed after a period of time as the colours do not match or are no longer trending. By printing on the existing stock we can revalue the wooden slats while completely changing the new import strategies for wooden slats.

We use only water based UV ink of the highest quality
With our UNIIK collection, Storflex is challenging all mayor players to rethink their stock and import strategies.
Now decorating your house can happen in a sustainable and responsible matter with the highest respect for our environment.

As decorators & distributors, you can meet any demand of your customer

What can we offer you?

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UNIIK collectioN for distributors

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