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Collections: welcome to storflex wooden blinds

Because wooden Venitian blinds has always been a passion ! 
By Storflex you are going to find different extensive collections fulfilling your decorative needs.
If style, quality, durability are imortant to you, then we have the pleasure to present to you our collections:
the Essential wooden blind collection, the Premium wooden blind collection, the revolutionary Uniik wooden blind collection!


The timeless classics wooden blind collection every interior decorator must have. Our real wooden blinds are great quality and our window blind systems have been tried and tested over many years. Enhance the beauty of your interior.

   3 slat widths:  25 mm – 50 mm – 70 mm

The very first collection giving you the opportunity to play with light and shadow.
Our real wood blinds are a versatile and contemporary look and efficient option to light control and privacy. 

  4 slat widths:  50mm – 65mm – 76mm – 90mm

The revolution of the entire industry of Venitian wooden blinds. Feel free to create your PERFECT MATCH your wooden blind store looking like your wall, furniture, floor. 
The limit is your imagination

. 1slat width:  50 mm 


Discover our collections and find the one which fits the best for you. Ideal for showcasing high-end project concepts.

A library of decors

Discover hundreds of creation and their colour / texture variants regularly updated to remain at the forefront of trends.

Create your design

Step into the fashion collection with more than 250 decors and 4 finishings to amplify your own collection's impact

we print your idea

The limit is your imagination! We manufacture your creations with your Uniik and exclusive decors for your projects,

Storflex designs, produces and markets wooden Venetian blinds in EU respecting both Man and Nature.

Our wood, used for all collections, comes directly from forests that are managed correctly
and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

Moreover, by using our 3D printing technique, we will be able to have a big positive influence on reducing the current waste in wood products.

This will have a big impact on the preservation forests and preserving nature.

Certified forests

find your collection

Add your own style to your collection with our elegant colours , on trend prints, stylish metallics and fashion textures such as leather, marble, textile, steel, and more.